Songkok Haji Agil


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Haji Agil is very proud of his hand made Songkok and he sells them in his shop. He loves counting his profit from the sales of his songkok everyday! Even though Haji Agil has become quite rich, he has not given his staff a pay raise and stashes all his money in a safe in his small office at the back of the shop. His shop is extremely old fashioned and has not be cared for in a long time.

One day, two brothers, Illyas and Yakin, enter his Songkok shop looking to buy a new one for the upcoming Hari Raya. However they didn’t have enough money to purchase it and gave the shop assistant all the money they both had. The shop assistant pitied the boys and sold it at a discount. Suddenly Haji Agil came charging at the boys and was so angry at how he made a loss!

The boys reached home only to realize that the Songkok was too small for them! Looks like they have to face Haji Agil again. Once again Haji Agil charged at them and accidentally pushed over the candle on his work table. It started to burn the table and slowly fueled the whole shop! Will the shop be saved? Will the boys get out in time? Or will Haji Agil be left weak in his shop consumed by the flames?


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