Kisah Raya Ramdan


Ramdan’s mother runs a small home-based business selling kuih bahulu. Ramdan loves watching his mom make the batch from scratch every morning and see them bake in the antique oven. In the evening, they are sent to those who have ordered them. The remaining kuih bahulu is given to Ramdan to sell from door to door.


“Bahulu! Bahulu! Bahulu!” screams Ramdan as he walks around his estate.

Ramdan would hear the neighbourhood kids laugh at him and shout, “Bahulu nose! Bahulu nose! Bahulu nose”


Ramdan is sad that the kids make fun of his big nose. He console’s himself by dreaming of the day his mother’s kuih bahulu becomes famous and that he won’t have to sell them door to door anymore. He keeps thinking of ways to make the kuih better.


“Maybe people don’t like to eat traditional kuih like this anymore?”


Will Ramdan think of a new way to sell the kuih bahulu? What is his new marketing plan?


Follow the story of Kisah Raya Ramdan and journey along with him as he learns the true value of friendship, forgiveness and perseverance in celebrating a very special Hari Raya!

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