Komunikasi Efektif

Effective Communication Workshop

This 4-hours oral communication programme aims to equip students with the techniques of developing themselves to become confident speakers of the Malay Language. Students will learn to sharpen their presentation skills while getting inspired to gain self-confidence and be motivated to speak in public. It uses drama not only as a way of self-expression but to enhance their understanding of effective delivery in varied situations. 

Students will be challenged to adapt themselves to either a Talkshow or Seminar setting. 


Students will understand the factors that will affect the effectiveness of the way they communicate. From verbal to non-verbal cues, students will grasp the techniques that will shape them to be effecient communicators. They will also be more awre of factors like the choice of words, delivery styles, understanding of audience and other contributing factors that will enhance their communication skills. Students will be able to develop critical thinking skills while being open to share their personal thoughts and opinions. 

Students will be organised into groups where they will discuss, deliver and express their thoughts confidently on ways to manage a given issue within a stipulated time.