Danial dan Buku Ajaib @ The Esplanade
15 December 2012, Sat

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you can step back in time and meet Kancil, Pak Pandir and Hang Nadim? 

The magical world of Buku Ajaib will give the answers to the many questions that a modern kid wants to know about why Kancil, Pak Pandir and Nadim do the things that they do as told in the Malay folklores. It will unravel mysteries, gives a fresh perspective and question the relevance of the actions of these famous legendary characters that children love! 

Follow Danial as he meets Miss Mona

 and gets tricked by his dad into reading Buku Ajaib. What will happen to Danial in his journey to find his way home? Will he be trapped inside Buku Ajaib forever or will he be able to get out of this fantasy world? 

Help Danial find the answers to the many riddles by joining us in this exciting mini musical starring our very own child stars such as Budiman from the popular TV series “Namaku Kassim Selamat” and brothers Khairul and Shairul from “Songkok Haji Agil”. 

Danial & Buku Ajaib is conceptualized by Najip Ali and Rilla Melati with script written by Haryani Othman. This is a collaboration between Mini Monsters and Kreativ Outbox. See you at the Esplanade Theatres by the Bay for a fantastical journey through time! 

Show Dates : 15 December 2012
Time : 2.00pm & 5.00pm
Venue : The Esplanade Theatre Studio
Ticket Price : $12 (Students, Seniors & NSF)
$19 (Adults)
$27 (1 Parent & 1 Child Package)

*Tickets may be purchased from Esplanade Box Office and SISTIC. Click the link to book your tickets now
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