FYI 2013: Nenekku Di Jalan Ampas
10 April 2013, Wed

Nenekku Di Jalan Ampas - Discovering Zubir Said

Presented by Mini Monsters, in-collaboration with Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, with support from the National Arts Council as part of F.Y.I


This is Nenek’s second appearance in F.Y.I and this time she travels out of the kampong and into the city! This theatre performance takes you into a day in the life of Nenek, as she visits her grandson, Mahadi. Nenek brings with her a special chest filled with memories of the late Zubir Said and this leads to an exciting journey of discovery.
Nenek spends the day telling Mahadi and his friends, stories about Zubir Said and teaches them to sing along to some of his songs, including the National Anthem and the Children’s Day song, Semoga Bahagia. Nenek will explain the meaning behind these Malay national songs and the audience will be encouraged to sing along to them too!
Nenekku di Jalan Ampas – Discovering Zubir Said flies the flag of national pride and it will also help pupils to pick up Malay phrases, develop an awareness of Malay music and acquire knowledge about Zubir Said, the composer of our National Anthem.
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