Teater Macam Macam
22 January 2013, Tue

The Theatre – What Is Teater Macam-Macam?

Be Bilingual
Lets celebrate the bilingual nature of today’s Malay children and create a positive, conducive environment where kids will be encouraged to speak comfortably and fluently in both languages

Be Creative
An incubator of change, Teater Macam-Macam hopes to re-invent and re-interpret Malay sensibilities that exist in our tradition, values and beliefs so that our children can learn to find new ways of appreciating them. 

Be Confident
At the heart of Teater Macam-Macam is our vision to create an academy of the arts for Malay children and young people that is artistically challenging, collaborative, engaging and nurturing. 

Show Summary

Performance 1:
Ketam & Kaloi – A Puppetry Performance by Siti Khalijah
On the banks of a river, lived a fish and a crab. They were often hostile even though they live in the same river. One day a bird came looking for food and saw the fish and crab swimming. What will happen to them?

This 15min performance will capture children’s imagination. Learn to appreciate the art of puppetry as you watch how Siti Khalijah, the puppeteer, brings these dolls to life in a form that combines physical skills and storytelling.

Performance 2: 
Treasure Trove of Songs from Lagu-Lagu Kita – Performed by Hyrul Anuar & Khairulnizam
Learn the values and pick up Malay words from songs such as "Selamat Pagi Cikgu", "Buah Manggis" and "Rajin Belajar". Have fun winning prizes in their quiz segment

Performance 3: 
HEROES – A Play by Rizman Putra
5 respectable heroes, Tuah, Nadim, Munshi, Yusoff and Aaron, present the story of their achievements.
In search of the next person to carry on with the legacy, these heroes are in need of someone to take over their position. 
Join them in this quest, listen to their mesmerizing tales, and let them sweep you away with their courageous feat and challenges.
Who knows… you could be the next hero of this generation?

This performance invites our young audience to become active thinkers and is highly participatory in nature. It will allow the child audience to have his opinion heard, to choose and decide who they want their hero to be!

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